American teen and Gambian teen

This 2014, the Service for Peace in The Gambia/Side by Side Organization project will run from June 12th to June 30th. The projected service work are mentioned below.

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Huffington Post:

“I had felt like I’ve been there before. I have no ancestral connection or any kind of connection that I know of, but I just really felt that I was home,” says the Bowie, M.D. resident, describing her “uncanny” first impression of Gambia.

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Washington Post:


Bowie Patch:

http://bowie.patch.com/groups/volunteering/p/photos-teacher-accepts-shining-world-compassion-award#photo-9173628 http://bowie.patch.com/groups/volunteering/p/maryland-teacher-receives-10k-donation-to-further-edud7d2dd88a7 http://bowie.patch.com/groups/journeys/p/local-teachers-passion-for-service-makes-global-impact